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Predator products are the only company in Australia that produces a turn-key rental kart for the go kart hire industry. We understand that your profits depend on your fleet running reliably and being simple to maintain. Features such as a belt drive with single-bolt adjustment tensioner, quick-release brake pads and quick-release axle bearing holders mean less money spent on maintenance and more reliability.

Every Predator hire kart is shipped with a brand new original Honda engine with a factory warranty. Standard wrap-around wheel protection prevents karts from locking wheels and becoming airborne and the wide track greatly decreases the risk of rollover. Predator Karts are available with a headrest hoop and retractable seat belt to keep drivers safe and secure inside of the kart…

Predator Safety Barriers

The go kart hire industry has undergone many changes in the last few years and one of the latest moves has been to create a barrier system that can safely retain karts on track and in the event of a collision they are so constructed to bring the karts to a stop without applying extreme pressures on the drivers and risking injury.

Predator Products Australia has tested our barrier system to the new Australian standard and karts have been driven at speeds up to 50kph without any adverse effect on the drivers. The barriers when installed as per the manufactures instructions will absorb the energy from the colliding karts and deflect the kart safely down the track till it comes to a stop.

Predator Safety Products

There is a every present risk of entanglement of loose and long items worn by go kart drivers and for some time the market has been looking for a cost effective way of protecting drivers with long hair or loose clothing whilst driving a kart and this new innovation safety hoody has taken the market by storm.

The disposable hoodie has elasticated wrist and waist band and a full length zip that will close the suit all the way up to the chin and provide excellent protection for the driver. The suits are made of surgical woven fabric that is tough and light and can be bought in 3 convenient sizes of small, Medium & large. They are extremely tough and wont tear or deform whilst worn by the drivers and will offer a full days protection as they are designed to retain all long hair and loose clothing. These will replace the need for those hair nets that are currently used by most go kart hire venues.