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Predator Products are the only company in Australia that produces a turn-key rental kart for the industry. We understand that your profits depend on your fleet running reliably and being simple to maintain. Features such as a belt drive with single-bolt adjustment tensioner, quick-release brake pads and quick-release axle bearing holders mean less money spent on maintenance and more reliability.

Every Predator kart is shipped with a brand new original Honda engine with a factory warranty. Standard wrap-around wheel protection prevents karts from locking wheels and becoming airborne and the wide track greatly decreases the risk of rollover. Predator Karts are available with a headrest hoop and retractable seat belt to keep drivers safe and secure inside of the kart…


  • Length: 1900 mm
  • Width: 1430 mm
  • Height: 390 mm standard & 980 mm w/ head rest hoop
  • Front track 900mm, Rear Track 1080mm
  • Wheel Base 1660mm
  • Weight: 159 kg standard
  • Output: 6.5 HP @ 5500RPM (GX-200)
  • Top speed: recommended 65KPH (subject to gearing)
  • Transmission: Single speed w/ wet clutch
  • Maximum weight of driver 120kgs
  • Maximum driver height 1900mm
  • Fluids: Fuel = 9 L Engine oil = 650 mL Clutch oil = 350 mL

Standard Features

  • 4130 chrome molly chassis
  • Honda GX-200 engine
  • Full wrap-around protection
  • Strong plastic moulded Hire Seat
  • Adjustable foot pedals
  • Belt-drive w/ quick-adjust tensioner
  • Covered axle & exhaust system
  • Adjustable nylon tie rods
  • Shock absorbing rubber rail mounts
Predator Hire Karts

Performance Results

  • Engine output: 6.5 HP @ 4500 RPM
  • Top speed (gear-limited): 65 KPH
  • Road holding: 1.2 G


Parts are manufactured right here in Australia so you get quick supply and no nasty surprises due to import duties and expensive freight costs. All parts are covered by a100% money back guarantee on workmanship. Engine in std form will have a 3 month manufacturer’s warranty for kart usage.


  • Standard Pricing$ 7,250.00
  • Rollover protection hoop$ 350.00
  • Harness Seat belt$ 165.50
  • Custom sticker pack per kart$ 170.00
  • Engine upgrade$ available