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Service Procedures

Brake service and adjustments

  • Always use Dot 4 or equivalent fluids
  • Flush system every 6 months to ensure clean and moisture free fluid is in the system.
  • The minimum safety limit for brake pads is 2mm per pad
  • Lube actuator rod points and ensure 1mm free travel
  • Steel Braided hydraulic lines should be set by a torque spanner at 7ft-lb
  • Inspect hydraulic system for leaks and replace damaged parts as necessary.
  • Inspect the Ventilated disc rotor, if damaged replace immediately
  • To increase brake pad life centre disc rotor between the pads
  • Calliper mount bolts should be set by a torque spanner 25 ft-lb
  • Regularly pressure bleed the system when cold for best results


  • All motors are supplied with the factory warranty for 3 months from delivery.
  • Governors are to be correctly fitted and operational at all times otherwise warranty is void.

Accelerator cables

  • Adjust accelerator cable to allow 5mm free travel.
  • Always replace frayed or damaged cables.
  • Ensure cable is fitted correctly into pivot point on front tray

Steering adjustment and service.

  • All karts are fitted with adjustable chamber castor pins to give ultimate life of tyres and chassis.
  • Adjust the front Camber in to – 0.5degrees over all.
  • Adjust the front Toe, 0mm or straight
  • Set castor to full rear adjustment this will lighten steering
  • Lube rod end joints with high grade chain lube.
  • Lock the adjustment nuts on the rod ends with a torque spanner to10ft-lb
  • It is important to align rod ends evenly to prevent binding
  • Check lower shaft spherical bearing for free play, replace if necessary
  • Ensure cir-clip is positioned correctly in lower shaft housing
  • Check for excessive King pin bearing movement. 1mm is acceptable movement
  • King pin centre bolt should be set by a torque spanner at 35ft-lb


  • Recommended tyre sizes are , Duro SL65 specification
  • Front 10 x 450 -5 , Rear 11 x 710 -5
  • For best performance and tyre life we recommended that you inflate the tyres to 15-20 PSI (refer to tyre manufactures recommendations)
  • All tyres are made directional and are to run in the right rotation

Wheel nut torque

  • Recommended at Front single centre 30ft-lb
  • Rear 3 stud self locking w-studs 27ft-lb


  • All fasteners are Grade 8 hi tensile Cad plated socket head
  • 1.25 pitch x 6mm-8mm-10mm-12mm
  • Where required always use self locking nylock nuts and Cad plated flat washers
  • Torque spec to size of diameter range 15ft-lb too 30ft-lb

Chassis service points

  • Use sealed factory triple lip lubricated bearings
  • King pin mount tubes alignment
  • Rear bearing carrier alignment, mounting bolt torque 20ft-lb
  • Rear hub spacement 90mm from chassis mounting plate bearing

Inspection procedure

  • Crack test visually on all seams and welds
  • Bends to be at correct angles
  • Underside scraping marks
  • Pick up points for all accessories
  • Head rest bar mounts and clear signs of damage
  • Side & rear bar and mounts for bends or damage
  • If you observe any damage or misalignment then replace the part or send chassis back to supplier for realignment and repair

Drive line

  • Timing belt 1080 x 809 RPP8 Torque 7lb gauge or half twist
  • Gear / front 30 tooth with taper locking system
  • Grub screw torque 5 ft-lb
  • Rear gear 70 tooth plastic
  • Mounting bolt torque with steel spacer 15ft-lb
  • Arch type tensioner

Seat belt

  • A 3 point web clamp seat belt or 4 four point safety harness is acceptable
  • Adjust lap belt first to a comfortable firm position then adjust top belts over the shoulders ensuring to keep buckle below the abdomen
  • Tilt adjusters to correct

Recommended maximum operating speeds

  • Formula 45kph
  • Predator 60kph
  • Dominator 70kph