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Weekly Inspection of Predator Karts

Body Panels

  • Check mounts, inspect for cracks, and tighten bolts
  • Check & tighten mounting bolts, check for cracks
  • Inspect deuz clips & springs, inspect lock clips
  • Check mounting bolts at rear, check for tears
  • Remove paint marks with thinners, replace if necessary


  • Check outer lining of steering wheel grip, tighten mounting bolts
  • Remove wheels, fit lazer aligner ‘-1 cam/ 0 toe
  • Inspect & tighten, steering stubs replace mount bolt if loose
  • Check for straightness & stress fractures of steering shaft
  • Check for movement in lower shaft bearing, tighten mounting bolts
  • Check for cracks & side movement in steering shaft supports
  • Tighten mounting bolts, check up & down movement


  • Inspect for abnormal wear
  • Check pressure 22psi


  • Check for cracks, dents & chips
  • Check bearing fitment and ensure spacers are fitted to rims
  • Check for abnormal wear


  • Check for cables fraying
  • Check tightness & throttle response (full)


  • Check mounting blocks & stress fractures
  • Check free play & binding of pedals
  • Check pedals for correct alignment
  • Check pads are within tolerance – 2mm minimum
  • Sit in kart at full revs check the kart does not move
  • Brake Fluid
  • Remove cap, top up fluid, Dot 4
  • Flush Fluid every 6 months
  • Check & tighten all fittings & zip ties, check for fluid stains

Brake Light

  • Check wiring, mounts & lenses
  • Ensure working correctly


  • Check for cracks around mounts
  • Tighten if necessary
  • Check for cracks
  • Check for distortions in frame

Seat Belt

  • Check buckles, check webbing & stitching
  • Check webbing & stitching for oil and fuel stains and clean
  • Check ratchet operation of the belt
  • Check for positive engagement (lock) in buckle

Engine Mount

  • Check engine alignment
  • Check for loose nuts, cracks
  • Adjust belt and tighten tensioner


  • Change oil every month, recheck level on stick daily
  • Check pull handle for cracks, check rope for fraying
  • Check earth, power wires & mounting of telemetry
  • Check mounts & inspect for cracks
  • Check cooling vents
  • Check idle speed (1,500rpm),
  • check Fuel bowl for leaks
  • Check full throttle for travel on cable
  • Clean air cleaner sock in solvent, blow out or replace element
  • Check flange bolts, check muffler & mounts
  • Remove, clean or replace exhaust system if leaking or cracked
  • Pre-set tappets
  • Check centre bolt & teeth
  • Tighten clamps
  • Check hoses for cuts & cracks
  • Check, adjust ……… 20lb
  • Check, adjust tappets 4inlet 6 exhaust

Fuel System

  • Check for leaks & fuel stains
  • Tighten, insect washer for bends
  • Read & record, check wiring on coil head


  • Check adjustment at tensioner
  • Check drive gear & mounting bolts
  • Align drive belt
  • Check belt for cracks or excessive wear

Rear Axle

  • Check run out, check for bent axles
  • Check measurements to chassis and centre
  • Check the position of drive hubs and tighten
  • Tighten housing bolts at 40in lb
  • Check axle mounts for cracks
  • Check axle bearings for run out

Bumper Rails

  • Check all welds & supporting braces
  • Check all plastic rail mounts
  • Tidy up untidy edges
  • Check rubbers & tighten alignment


  • Check for cracks & signs of damage
  • Check all mounting bolts & for cracks
  • Check mount & alignment
  • Test & check mounts