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Barriers Introduction

Go Kart Safety Barriers

The Predator Products Barriers come in individual piece and can be bought in multiples of 10 units at a time. Each unit is 1280mm in length, 565 mm in height and 335mm in width. The HPE material of which they are manufactured is the same hi-tech plastic that is to day used in truck barriers and mining applications and it is tough, light and durable in material in order to meet the hard conditions that motor sport can dish up to a barrier.

All barriers have a dry weight of 16.5kg and have an internal storage capacity to allow sand or water ballast to be added should your track safety engineer deem it necessary to do so in certain applications.

When maintained according to the manufactures specifications these barriers will give many years of safe and reliable service whilst lowering the amount of time your staff spend straightening crooked tyre walls. The smooth plastic finish works very well to deflect rouge karts and the snake effect of the barriers on impacts up to 25 degrees will divert the kart back towards the circuit in a safe and manageable way so that the driver has little or no effect from the impact.


Go Kart Safety Barriers

The barriers may be used as a free standing perimeter fence, Pit Wall or as a impact Safety barrier and is suitable for use on indoor and outdoor circuits. The Use of the latest 2014 technoglobbal HDP materials gives the Predator Products barriers remarkably durable construction and offers years of good product service.

They have been tested to resist a 90 degree impact and speeds of up to 45kpm and test results have shown that when used correctly the barriers bring the kart to a safe stop with in an acceptable deceleration rate that has no adverse effects on the driver or the karts when used in accordance with the Australian Standard.

The Predator Products Barriers have been designed to meet the Australian Standard 3533.4 for Kart Hire and are recommended to be used with no additional ballast if being used for the deflection of karts along straights and high speed areas. However it is advisable to refer to your track safety engineer should you feel that Ballast may need to be added for competition use?

No barriers are not designed to be fixed hard against the concrete walls in high impact areas and the advice of your track engineer should be sought if the working distance of these barrier is less than 2 meters.

Do not leave the end of the barriers exposed to a direct impact point on your track. E.G. never leave an end of a plastic barrier wall in a position where a vehicle can travel off the track and strike the end of the barrier. Always protect the end of the barrier with shock absorbing materials and always turn the barrier away from the track so as to offer a smooth side of a barrier in the event of an impact.

The use of weighting at either end is not required as the barriers are designed to wrap past the points of impact and should be protected by tyres or similar sort absorbing materials on all exposed ends

NOTE: Barriers that are cracked or damaged in any way must not be used at any time

Manufacturing Specifications


A hexene Linear Low Density Polyethylene (LLDPE) based powdered resin designed for rotational molding applications. Material exhibits excellent toughness and stiffness with high ESCR and chemical resistance.
When used in accordance with FDA application guidelines, this product meets the requirements of FDA 21 CFR 177.1520 ( c ) 3.1a and AS2070- 1999 section 4.1.1( a ) and 4.1.2.

This product contains UV light stabilisers and so end use restrictions as described in FDA 21 CFR 176.170 ( c ) table 2 conditions D to G apply. Volume and food type restrictions may apply. This product should not be used in applications for holding food during cooking without the required compliance testing.


Applications include water and chemical tanks, boats, roadside barriers, septic tanks and silos. Microlene M11 UV R02 meets AS4766:2006 requirements, including AS/NZS4020 potable water for tank colour grades. A UV stabilisation package gives protection for outdoor applications. If product is use for food contact applications, the user needs to ensure compliance with the requirements of AS2070-1999 and relevant FDA regulations.


The barriers are designed from HPD plastics that will provide many years of good reliable service and will always have a reasonable resale value when maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.

The initial cost is not that more than the cost of collecting old car tyres and then bolting and wrapping these to create a barrier and yet the overall appearance with plastic barriers look great and perform extremely well in what are sometimes fairly strenuous conditions and yet they will always promote your venue to you clientele as a safe and professional circuit.

  • Barriers in groups of 10 are priced at $00000 + gst
  • Barriers in groups of 10 to 49 barriers are priced at $ 0000 + gst
  • Barriers in groups of 50 or more ar priced at $0000 each
  • Connection pins are priced at $0000 + per pin
  • Other quantities by negotiation.


To run around a 400 meter circuit inside and out without any shared walls would require 800m. The total length divide by a per barrier length of 1280mm gives the need for 625 Barriers The price per barrier plus pin is $0000 + gst which would equate to a total of $0000 + gst

Work out how long it would take you to bolt all tyres vertically and horizontally and then have them wrapped, then pay a man $22 per hour for the next 5 – 10 years to bolt and repair the tyre walls and you will quickly see that the benefits of Predator Barriers far outweighs the initial investment.

They not only look great but they will save you money in the long run!

Delivery is not included in prices.

All stock is ex Brisbane


These barriers have with stood 5 years of punishment at one of Australia’s busiest kart tracks and we have conclusive proof that plastic barriers have saved this operator thousands of dollars over a year’s operation. There is very little down time in the busiest periods and the maintenance is very minimal compared to a complex with tyre barriers

The facts are correct and the numbers will stack up so give us a call and explore the options of Simply Safer and Smarter barriers for your venue today.